Friday, September 5, 2008

Pesto Planning!

I wanted to give an update on my summer herb garden experiment. If you remember, I decided to start growing my own fresh herbs because the price fresh herbs in the grocery stores has become outrageous! I would love to have a whole vegetable garden, but I just don't have the space. In my tiny home, growing a few fresh herbs is about all I can do. And how did that idea pan out? Well, with my "brown thumbs", I didn't expect to have steller results. But surprisingly, I do have two very healthy herb plants!

Ok, you're thinking, "but Mary, I thought you planted 8 different herbs." Ya, I I said, I have TWO very healthy herb plants.

I began my herb garden by using the method that I learned in 4th grade. I spread my seeds out on a paper towel and added water. Within days, I had tiny basil sprouts peeking out at me. The other herbs (mint, sage, lavender, cilantro, dill, terragon, rosemary) began to sprout as well.

By the time it was ready to transfer the sprouts to a pot with dirt, I think I was down to about 5 herbs. Some took off immediately, others withered away after a week or so. Still not bad for someone like me. The sprouts you see here are basil.

The basil seems to be doing the best! I'm so glad, because I use basil more than anything. The other plant that has taken off is mint. For most of the summer, I have been enjoying alot of recipes with fresh mint and basil. In fact, the plants have done so well, that I have begun drying some of the basil and I could actually split the plants to give some away. Who knows what the fall and winter months may bring. I'm sure they won't last with little sun and being near a cold window. So I am making plans to make a fantastic pesto should my basil plant begin to look, well, not so lushy. For now though, The basil is "a plenty" and the $.99 packet of seeds has saved me about $12 a week! I figure, given the amount of fresh basil that I usually go through, it has saved me about $90 this summer. Not a bad return on my tiny investment! Now, if my stocks were so lucky...

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  1. Good for you growing your own herbs! I wish I was a better gardener, sadly I am only good at growing weeds. But you can eat dandelions right? Plus $90 is a great amount to save.