Thursday, September 25, 2008

For the Love of Copper

You probably have noticed by now that my blog has a slightly new look. I've been working behind the scenes to revamp Little Brown Bird and become a little more organized **cough, cough, choking** My shop will hopefully have a new look, and this blog needs alot of help!

I'm working on some really cool (well, I think so) new jewelry pieces. Lately I've been playing with different metals and firing up my power tools! I've also been pounding out some frustrations, developing my skills with hammered textures.

I am in love with copper right now! The cutting and shaping, you can do just about anything to it! And I've been experimenting with patinas, giving the metal an aged or weathered look, and adding depth to the colors and textures. You can see what I mean.
There's much more to come! There are days when I get into the zone and work non-stop on new designs. I love those days. But I have to fit them in between life's necessary chores. So enjoy the new pictures, and as always, you can contact me for more information or to reserve an item. They will be listed in my shop soon. Unfortunately, my creative time for today is over already, right now I have to go grocery shopping.

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