Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I Love: Gold Jewelry

We are nearing spring time and, for the new season, I have been adding something very different to my jewelry collection. Gold.

Now, I'm typically one of those people that swear they like nothing but silver jewelry. I can't explain my addiction to gold jewelry lately, except maybe that the winter has been long and I'm yearning for warmth and sunshine.

Many of my new pieces are done with gold filled and gold plated elements, mixed with pearls, glass, or other metals.

A common accent color among these pieces is a soft spa blue. I love the look and adding a bit of something blue gives it a fresh, light aspect. I think many of these pieces would look great on a bride or her bridesmaids for an elegant contemporary wedding.

Gold Leaf Pendant Necklace

Butterfly Verde Filigree and Gold Double Necklace layered with

Vintage Inspired Gold Filigree Bluebird Necklace

Filigree is also another latest obsession of mine. In some pieces, I've combined gold filigree and antique brass to which I've given a verdigris patina.

Gold and Verde Filigree Necklace with Crystal Tear Drop

The color combination is to-die-for! Look how the verdigris patina jumps off the gold chain. Am I the only one drooling right now?

Butterfly Verde Filigree and Gold Double Necklace

I've also combined gold with some semiprecious stones. I love the juxtaposition of gold, with it's elegant allure, against the natural semiprecious stone.

All of the gold jewelry you see here is presently available in my shop, LittleBrownBird on Etsy.