Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tomato Hugger

Ok, I'm really excited about this. I finally submitted a recipe to Tastespotting after all this time. Tomato Basil and Goat Cheese Pizza. It's a yummy recipe that includes toasted pine nuts in the doughy goodness. And after hearing heartbreaking stories about tomato farmers losing their homes and plowing under their fields because of the recent salmonella scare, I decided to do my part in helping the mom and pop farmer recover from what many people are calling a government-created disaster. (Ya, add that to the list...)

My hope was that the article would reach a great number of people and challenge those who are culinary inclined to share their fresh tomato-based recipes and in doing so, hopefully, encourage people to start buying tomatoes again. Truth is, the FDA actually has never even found the type of salmonella bactirium that sickened so many in the thousands of tests done on tomatoes, cilantro, and jalepenos.

You can read the article and recipe on my food blog via the link above, and join the challenge! Create a fresh-tomato recipe and put a link to it in the comment section of my blog post, Save an industry- eat tomatoes! to share it with everyone. Or post your recipe on Tastespotting and tag it, "Tomato Challenge".


  1. tweet little brown bird - glad you submitted and here's to hoping that a tone of other people come on over here and love your submission as much as we do!

    xoxo, sarah @ tastespotting

  2. That looks delicious! Yes, eat those tomatoes!! Great photo too .. :)