Thursday, July 10, 2008

Real Lives Behind Real Art: Beautiful handmade greeting cards from Beautiful Greetings

I love buying handmade. There's something special about purchasing a piece of jewelry, a hat, handbag, painting, or really anything that has been lovingly created by the artist her/himself. As an artist, I know the proud feeling of packaging up a personally handmade (now newly purchased) creation to send off to its new home.

Just sold at Little Brown Bird. (Bamboo Print Earrings with Copper Dragonflies.)

I imagine the recipient waiting anxiously for the package to arrive and smiling from ear to ear as they open it, then rushing to show all their friends, family, and co-workers the wonderful "find" they made of a unique, one of a kind piece of jewelry, screaming with glee about all the pretty things they found at Little Brown Bird, children singing, marching bands playing, parades, white doves released into the air... Ok, so I have an over-active imagination.

Better than my self-pat-on-the-back dream. I imagine that person then clicking over to another Etsy shop, Beautiful Greetings , to purchase a gorgeous handmade card to go with it. Maybe it's meant to be a birthday present, a thank you to someone special, or one of those great "just because" gifts that we all love getting from a friend or loved one. What ever the occasion, Beautiful Greetings, the Etsy shop of Peggy Russel, has the perfect card for you!

Peggy creates the most wonderful greeting cards and gift tags for any occasion. She uses gorgeous quality card stock and hand stamps images, glitter, ribbon, and other embellishments making each card truly a work of art. And I love her use of color! Her incredible sense of design shows in every card. This purple and yellow combo above is one of my favorites...and not just because I'm a coffeeholic!

Her gift tags are thoughtfully created as well, using lovely embossed papers and flowers embellished with dazzling brads. Each tag is as special as the gift with which they are given. These tags above are terrific for wedding or baby shower gifts! My favorite is the one at the top with the happy little green flower.
Peggy also has a really cute card for a belated birthday(so if anyone forgot to send me a card last week, now is your chance)...ehem.
The endless array of special occasions combined with a boundless imagination makes Beautiful Greetings a great destination for all your card giving needs. Stock up on her "Choose your own" set of four cards. Or grab a set of 3 mini cards to have on hand for last minute gifts. (Didn't your husband just get a last minute dinner invite from his boss? He really should bring a little something along with one of Peggy's gift tags attached.)
It's the thought that counts! And nothing looks more thoughtful than a handmade gift and gift card. Please check out both Little Brown Bird and Beautiful Greetings today!

A note about buying handmade:
Buying handmade artwork of any kind is special. Not just because you may have the only piece like it in existence, but because your money goes directly to the artist. The purchase you make directly impacts the life of that artist, or even her/his family. Many independent artists rely solely on the income they gain from selling their work. I am very conscious of this, especially in the current U.S. economic environment. The financial benefit an artist receives by selling their work directly to the buyer is indispensable. Your purchase allows them to continue their passion while providing you with exciting and creative original works of art.
*Your purchase from Peggy's shop helps to support her three young children while pursuing a teaching degree in Elementary Education.
**Your purchase from Little Brown Bird goes directly into my gas-guzzling car, feeds an incredibly precocious, yet much appreciated, extremely alert and protective miniature pinscher guard dog(thanks Zuzu), and helps to sustain my personal addiction to pretty things! Whatever is left is set aside for retirement because, who are we kidding, social security is a joke.

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