Thursday, January 24, 2008

JET Team Treasure Hunt

The hunt is on! Well, it will be. Starting tomorrow, Friday January 24, 2008 through Saturday January 25th the Jewelry on Etsy Team will be hosting a treasure hunt on Etsy. Prizes will be awarded to the winner from 5 JET team member shops including

Little Brown Bird
The Vintage Jewelry Box
Zen Creations
Handmade Jewelry by Michele

Here's a picture of the prizes -the links will be listed in the opening post of the treasure hunt thread.

Watch the promotions forum on Etsy to join in the hunt!
Here's the link to start the JET Treasure Hunt! There are 24 shops that have the treasure hiding in one of its listings.

Helpful hint: The first post of the thread shows 23 shops. There's info about the 24th participating shop on page 6 of the treasure hunt thread. You must find all 24 treasures to win!!

Here are some more details on the Treasure Hunt from the JET Team blog.

(Remember-Etsy has recently updated their site. The forums can now be found by clicking the Community link at the top of the Etsy page, then click on Forums.)


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