Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday!

It's hard to believe we're only a month away from Christmas. This year has flown by. And here we are again, Cyber Monday, the so called busiest shopping day on the net for the whole year. I haven't yet started my holiday shopping but I have noticed those around me surfing on line in a panic to get just the right gift. And with the recent rash of toy recalls due to lead paint, small breakable parts, and drug reactions (!!!!), buying gifts this holiday season is really difficult and a little scary. I am happy to see that a certain dangerous toy product, although it had still been in this past week's sale flyer, has now been taken off Target's internet shopping site.

So what kinds of gifts do we buy if we want to ensure we are getting safe toys for the kids in our lives? Clothes (not the most fun for kids to open on Christmas morning) are always an option. Others may be video games, gift cards, or an experience. What? What's an experience gift? It's a party, a day of learning rock climbing, a baking class, a make-over, a driving class. An experience gift is just that, a chance to enjoy doing something you've never tried before, something that will last a lifetime. Here's a list of some great gift alternatives to toys this Christmas. Some of these experiences may not be available in your area, but they are great ideas that you can do on your own too! Or maybe there's something not on the list that you think someone might enjoy, get creative this season!

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