Thursday, October 22, 2009

A New Dog in Town!

My employer just got a new puppy. A black lab named Maggie. She's 10 weeks old, a typical puppy size, yet dwarfs my lil' Maizy who is all of 4 pounds now and around 18 weeks. In this picture, Maggie has just come to work and met all of us, then went right over and helped herself to Maizy's food bowl. Don't worry, Maizy gave her a good snarl and held her own. Look at Maggie's paws! They are bigger than Maizy's face!

My lil' fur nugget has doubled in size. She was about 6" long and two pounds when I got her. Now, at 4 pounds, she is 12" long from nose to tail. She's the perfect size right now and I keep joking that I'm going to feed her nothing but cigarettes and coffee to stunt her growth. She's now big enough to climb the stairs by herself, but still tiny enough to tuck under my arm while I go on a quick errand or two.

Maizy has lost most of her puppy coat and her adult coat is just now starting to fill in. It will take several months, I'm told, to fill in completely. She needs some hair so she can start looking like a proper pomeranian. People keep thinking she's a long haired Chihuahua! The nerve! She's just the cutest little fur nugget, with or without all her hair!

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  1. How cute Mary, her legs are long. She's probably saying hey that's my food save some for me!!!

  2. Glad to see that she is looking so healthy. I praise the Lord each time that I see or hear about Maizy. She is darling with or without the fuzzy fur.

  3. OMG!! I finally get to see a picture of the puppy!!
    Your baby is adorable!!

  4. What a cutie she is! Don't worry, it isn't about size...she may turn out to be the Alpha dog in her "pack" at work. Our little sheltie bossed around our giant g.shepherd mix!

  5. so cute! can't wait to see her with her new hair!

  6. Wow, has she grown! And still adorable as ever!