Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet Maizy!

After losing my precious Zuzu unexpectedly last May, this house has been way too quite. The emptiness left without Zuzu was almost unbearable. Actually, I still have my moments. But those moments are fewer now that Maizy is here.

Maizy is a pure breed pomeranian. She was adopted at 11 weeks old, just a 2 pound lil' fur nugget, and cute as can be!

Unfortunately, Maizy was diagnosed, just 4 days after adopting her, with a deadly canine virus, Parvo. She began vomiting a lot, had a fever, a dazed depressed look on her face, and had terrible diarrhea. I rushed Maizy to a 24 hour animal care facility where she was diagnosed and spent 5 days with round the clock care. She received numerous plasma transfusions, IV liquids, and hand feedings through a syringe. The vet bill grew at an alarming rate to almost $2000! Many prayers were said and I received countless well wishes from friends, family and from across the internet.

It was determined that Maizy's illness had been contracted before she was adopted. Parvo is a very serious virus that can claim the life of a dog in less than 24 hours without treatment. It takes about 7 to 14 days after contracting the virus for symptoms to appear. As I researched it, I discovered that a non-vaccinated dog can pick up this virus as easily as a child getting a cold. The virus can live for months on grass, clothing, anywhere, and can be tracked into your own home on your shoes without you ever being near an infected dog. Since Maizy was just a puppy, her vaccinations had not yet been completed. She had unknowingly been exposed to the virus prior to coming to live with me and only showed symptoms a few short days later. Were it not for the prompt treatment that she received, especially at her young age and low weight, she would not have survived.

Maizy is now better, her body organs having been supported while she built up the necessary anti-bodies to fight the virus. She is fifteen weeks old now and weighs a plump 3 pounds! She's active and playing just like a normal puppy and hopefully she will not develop future health problems stemming from the stress on her organs.

I wish to thank everyone at Animal Emergency of McHenry County, Dr. Dan at Animal Medical Center of Algonquin, friends and family for their support, and all my internet friends for their prayers. And Maizy sends her sweet wet puppy kisses!

If your dog has not been vaccinated for Parvo or other just as dangerous canine illnesses, please do so today! There may not be time to second guess yourself. Remember that some vaccinations, such as your puppy's first vaccinations, are not completely effective until all rounds of vaccines are completed. Protect your puppy by not allowing them in areas that are frequented by other dogs until their vaccinations are complete. If your puppy is in training, ask the facility how often the room is sanitized with bleach, as this is the only thing that can kill some viruses like Parvo. (I spent 4 days bleaching my entire house, yard, car, clothes, dishes, EVERYTHING!!!)

Maizy has passed her follow-up exams with flying colors and is not contagious. She can sit and lay down on command but is having trouble staying and coming when called. We're working on that. She comes to work with me every day and is doing quite well now.

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