Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things I Love: Larimeloom by Lucia Squillari

I logged onto Etsy this morning to find a dress that peaked my interest, so I clicked. And am I glad I did! Larimeloom is a shop that I highlighted a couple of weeks ago when I put a picture of an awesome plum top into one of my treasuries that ended up on the front page of Etsy. Apparently, others fell in love with this wonderful shop too, because its back for a front page encore.

This shop, featuring designs by Lucia Squillari of Alba, Italy, is pure creativity run wild! Simple designs that, when you break it down, you think..."How did she even think of that?!" In reading her profile, I discovered how organic her designs are. She literally just sits down and starts making it. No plan, no patterns, just pure imagination. Her designs are one of a kind and each one more interesting than the last. Fabrics vary, pieces are designed with simple silhouettes, and everything has a decidedly casual femininity.

One of my favorites is a blouse she calls Cinderella's Gossamer Shirt. It's soft and sheer, and oh so romantic.

Lucia is so very clever, making designs with such versatility. Her haunting photos, taken by her mother, Melissa, and sister, Shanty, display the various ways her clothes can be worn. A sash worn high above the waist gives a dress a romantic evening look, or worn at the waist turns into a casual dress for a day at the market. This grey and black beauty can be worn as a halter top or a skirt!

But my favorite piece in the shop...I'm almost afraid to say because then someone will snatch it this Blue Handwoven Shawl. What can I say? Beautiful.

There are so many gorgeous designs in her shop. Please stop by Larimeloom on Etsy and discover your favorite. And keep your hands off that shawl!

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