Thursday, June 19, 2008

What do my blog and my kitchen cabinets have in common?

They are both too freaking small! It seems that I have created a little more tasty goodness than I know what to do with. If you haven't noticed, the yummy postings about cupcakes and kimchi have started taking over my blog. I have created another blog site for food and "whine" at All Up In My Kitchen.

I have already transferred some of my latest food posts to the new blog. I will have links to all my favorite culinary websites, recipes, tips, and progress on my herb garden (which I have just transferred to pots this morning!) I'm also thinking of doing something like the wine of the month, or maybe cookie, or cupcake...I'm not quite sure yet. But there will definately be lots of fun articles because if you ever saw me in the kitchen, you'd laugh your ass off!

New ideas are always coming. As the blog develops it will have more clearly defined sections. I'm sorting through all my favorite links and recipes now. Maybe I should also include work-out tips, since I have a feeling, this is going to be a fattening undertaking!

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