Thursday, April 10, 2008

WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! Front Page!

Wow! For the second time in my (Etsy)life one of my items made it to the front page! I had a feeling when I saw the awesome treasury this morning put together by bittystar that included my Lemon Poppy Carved Shell Necklace. Here it is!

HA! Well, you get the idea. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the screen shot to show it right. But if you squint real hard at the upper left corner of the group of "pictures", you will see the Lemon Poppy necklace that I blogged about below in today's earlier post. It is available now in my shop on Etsy. (See the link below)

1 comment:

  1. congrats again..your necklace really shone on the front page! xo