Friday, May 11, 2007

The Cheerio In My Spoon...

Aren't best friends the greatest?! They are there to lean on when you need them, laugh with you (or at you), be goofy with, worry about you, and brighten your day when you're down. My day was already pretty bright today, not for any particular reason, just a happy day. Then my best friend, who usually sees the world a little differently than me (and most others, I mean who are we kidding Pokeedot?) made it even brighter and had me rolling with laughter.

A little back story:
She just reminded me of one winter when, on the coldest day of the year in northern Illinois, I got a flat tire. I have been plagued with flat tires on this car since I got it and wouldn't you know, the temperature drops below -10 and here we go again. I told her how I had managed to pull into a gas station and a woman came over to help. The two of us tried to no avail to remove the lug nuts until we were both frozen through to the bone. She called her husband whom she had to wake up because he worked the late shift. Her husband came to the gas station, with their son and all their tools and worked for a good half hour frozen to the bone to change my tire. Then the whole family sent me off with a cherry wave and a "hope your day gets better from here on out!" I was eternally greatful yet, I was still furious that I had to fix yet another flat tire.

When I made it to my destination I relayed the story on the phone to my best friend. As I fumed about the flat she exclaimed, "How wonderful! I think I'm going to cry!" To which I replied in a curt, "WHAT??!!" She said it was so wonderful that these people went so out of their way to help someone in need on such a brutally cold day! Their thoughtfulness touched her and actually brought a tear to her eye. That's when I was reminded how much differently we all see the the world sometimes. The event that I thought was a horrible thing was beautiful in her eyes.

So, here's props to a wonderful friend who keeps it all in perspective for me and reminds me (happily)what an idiot I can be sometimes.


  1. Yes, we do need to be reminded of these things from time to time. Lucky for you, you have a sweet person to bring you to such realizations.

    Sandra Eileen

    BTW - did you just import your banner and now your blog name comes up as . I have a fix for that, at least I think i still have it, let me check. Can't find it right now, but will keep looking. You need to change something in your html from true to false and then you can eliminate that page element that has the . for your title.

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